“You’re Lucky To Have A Job”: Fighting For Fair Pay For Musicians | Hall Pass Free Shows

Imagine a world without music: walking in silence, and work commutes filled with talk radio. Sounds pretty boring, huh? It’s no wonder that music has inspired scientists, politicians, and writers, and has inspired fanatical fans. So, why do we place much less value on the musicians creating the work we love?

Without our support, artists creating the soundtracks of our lives are forced to fall away into the background. If they cannot make a living wage from their craft, the world runs the risk of losing much of the music we depend on in our daily lives.


Would you work for free?

Imagine going in for a job interview, winning the gig, and being told you’re going to be paid an amount that may not cover your monthly phone bill. Then, after asking why you’re being paid so much less for your time than other employees, you’re told “you’re lucky to have a job.”

The music industry is a big one. Thousands of jobs depend on musicians: from labels and managers financing and promoting, to bars and liquor companies profiting off the good times that music encourages.

None of these companies or individuals are working for free (or close to it), yet they all depend on the music produced by underpaid and undervalued musicians. It all sounds a little lopsided.

So, would you work your job for free? Maybe even take a second position that pays you minimum wage, so you can support yourself after working your first job? It’s hard to imagine being put in that situation.


It’s time for us to band together to support musicians

We have the power to change the landscape of the music industry. Support your favorite regional and national bands by going to shows, and forming a community to support the guys and gals that are working hard to get you dancing, or whatever you like to do to your tunes.

These are seven great ways to support indie musicians, which is a great start. The great news is that now, you have the power to do more.


Hall Pass is here to help

At Hall Pass, we exist because we believe in sustainability and accessibility of music. That means we pay our artists a living wage, to encourage the cycle of creation and creativity.

The best part? Hall Pass shows in your community are free.

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