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Close your eyes, and think back to a time that a song defined a point in your life. Chances are you have more than one song that triggers intense feeling, and no wonder – music helps memory creation, and some say even helps intellectual development, which is pretty neat.

Many of us owe music a lot of credit, especially in our younger years. No matter who you are, songs you love can help you feel a little less alone in the world. Imagine that defining song never existed, and that memory without your personal soundtrack. Find the power was sucked out of that recollection? I sure did.

The music industry is at a crossroads, thanks to the changing way artists are being paid. Musicians used to be able to depend on selling hard copy records, and touring to fill in the gaps. Since the uprising of digital sharing, record sales have taken a dive, and many clubs and other venues that indie bands play at are lowering ticket prices, or creating minimum alcohol and ticket sale requirements the club must meet prior to bands being paid.

It’s difficult to be creative when you’re stressed. None of us would be happy to go to our jobs, wondering if you’ll actually get compensated for the work you did that day. By letting musicians struggle, we’re choosing to make more memories without music.

Perception vs reality

When an audience watches a band they love play a show, chances are they’re assuming there’s a comfortable profit involved in the tour. That may not be the case. There are some really bad deals out there that bands have to watch out for.

Most bands put on a great show (to the best of their ability), even if they’re suffering financially. What you see on stage is a performance, and the reality of band life once the members are offstage may be quite a different story.


What you can do

Come to live shows. Buy band merch. Buy their music directly from their website. There are a lot of ways to support the bands you love that are in your control.

If you own or run a venue where musicians play, give them a fair shake and pay them for their work. In the long run, bands need locations to play, and bands help get butts in the seats and feet on the floor.


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