Brands + Hall Pass: How Does This Work?

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Hall Pass believes that performers should be paid real, fair, living wages. We’re dedicated to spreading the word, while showcasing new, original indie bands that you’re going to love.

We’re able to give you free shows, thanks to our sponsors. We have partnered with brands that believe in fair wages for musicians, who have joined us to lead the fight for fairness in the music industry.


So, What’s Cool About Our Bands?

The more people band together to share the value of music, the better the environment becomes for musicians. Our brand partnerships are key, since they help us spread the word and pay our bands a fair wage.

Hall Pass brand partnerships go beyond that, because we want YOU to hear the best the music industry has to offer. Thanks to our sponsors, you don’t pay a cover charge, get to experience talented musicians playing with high quality sound and not break the bank to do it.

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