The Prettys


The Prettys are a five piece rock band from Vancouver, BC. They have an early analog sound likened to the Detroit sounds of the late sixties. Made up of members Cody Andrusko on guitar and vocals, Pierce Kingan on bass and vocals, Josh Gatien on guitar and vocals, Ian Browne on percussion and vocals, and Matty Reed on saxophone, together, The Prettys are a resounding compulsion. Working with producer Felix Fung (Rich Hope, Girlfriends and Boyfriends, Les Chausettes), The Prettys are poised to release their second full length album, Soirée, this fall.

What do you love about being in a band?

Working with a group of like-minded people to create a piece of art that is timeless.

What challenges you about band life?

Reaching to make the leap from making music while having a day job to making music as an artist professionally.

Tell us something special/funny/weird.

Pierce has been circumcised twice.

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