Catlow creates hopelessly catchy, bouncy pop-electro and arrestingly angular grooves, with lithe, intelligent vocals and symphonic layered sparkling guitars, synths and violin. Coy vocals combine with melodies that flex their electro-muscles over dense atmospheric guitar rock with a power-pop heart, and chilly neo-disco fuses hot indie-rocks with blippy synth to create sing-song melodies.

Catlow brings together Vancouver’s indie-pop musicians Natasha Thirsk (Aporia Records), Jay Slye, Squid, Barry Higginson (Previous Tenants), Emily Bach (Dirty Spells), Laurel Borrowman, Cory B, Justin McDonald (The Bremmentown Players). The band has just released LOSE CONTROL/STORMSAD, produced by super-talented producer Howard Redekopp (Tegan and Sara, New Pornographers, Mother Mother).

After winning a Sonicbids contest to play Tuscany’s Arezzo Wave Festival in front of thousands of people in Italy last year, Catlow zipped across the alps and then to the UK for some dates in London. And, after playing and speaking on a panel
for Music Placements in TV and Film at Austin, Texas’ MEOW Festival, Natasha spent a week of writing, recording, and playing in Nashville.

In addition to Lose Control/Stormsad, Catlow’s catalogue features the debut album, Kiss The World, and the band’s second release, Pinkly Things.

What do you love about being in a band?

Music makes us happy. It’s therapeutic and I love the camaraderie and fun we have with each other. I have many songs in my heart and I gotta get them out. It brings a thrill and energy that is unexplainable. Also traveling and touring is tough but you get to experience so much and music knows no boundaries in other languages. Meeting other artists makes you feel like a part of something bigger and having shared experiences with other people is a good feeling.

What challenges you about band life?

Putting a lot into music whether it’s time or money and financially music has become a bit worthless in the last few decades but still wanting to let people hear it is challenging. There is definitely a switch in how you can get yourself out there. It costs a lot to tour. Also loading gear, ha–don’t like that.

Tell us something special/funny/weird.

I love puns? I’m an introvert most of the time. Jay owns his own tiling company. I also work in the film industry. (Natasha speaking). I won a car and a trip to Italy through music. 🙂

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