ACTORS are a smooth night drive on a downtown viaduct–anesthetizing and brimming with kinetic energy. Featuring warm keyboard pads and high frequency bass lines, it’s a sound that’s both aggressive AND creamy that listeners fall in love with immediately. The new wave, four piece achieves their end goal by paying tribute to the production and arrangement of Hughesian era heart melters and the kind of hymns found in those once-in-a-lifetime dreams. They’ve created a soundtrack that could have only come from a city that’s constructed of hopeless glass towers and features an exquisite grey void that canopies overhead every day of the year. Actors make terrible musicians, but musicians often make fantastic ACTORS.

What do you love about being in a band?

Connecting with people through music is beyond thrilling.

What challenges you about band life?

Having enough time to follow the muse. Life is a busy occupation.

Tell us something special/funny/weird.

We’re not actually goths.

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